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Ballet for Children – Technical Rider:

Technical Rider of the Theater of Dance In Motion (Teatr Tańca w Ruchu) for ballet show produced by Ballet for Children (Balet dla Dzieci):

  • A show consists of one part or two parts with costumes and props.
  • Set decoration – the one belonging to the organizer or it can be rented from Ballet for Children (it can be agreed upon). A curtain.
  • Music: CD-audio, composer: Peter Tchaikovsky

Promotion material:

  • Different formats: available on request.


The showed is intended for a stage with the audience in a theater set up, with seats.

Recording, taking photos and using these materials is not included in the contract on performing of the show.

The organizer receives promotion material ready for print: B1 posters, 1/3 A4 leaflets, other formats suitable for a bus, a banner, etc.

A possibility to have a rehearsal 5 hours before the show (a hall at the disposal of the ballet dancers and the technical crew).

Lighting and footlights:

Three footlights, A – the first one half way through the audience, B – the second one at the edge of the stage, C – the third one in the back at the rear of the stage.

Technical rider

Footlight A:

Two spotlights with service.

2 x Mac Performance II, 4 x profile, 4 x par 60.

Footlight B:

2 x ACL, 6 x GLP, 2 x Mac Performance II, 230V socket,

Footlight C:

4 x Mac 2000 Performance II, 2 x ACL, 6 x par 60

  1. Remote turning on of the 230V socket on the stage (set decoration lighting).
  2. Effects: Smoke to enhance the lighting effect.


Wardrobes (one for men, one for women) available for the dancers located in direct communications with the stage, 5 – 8 meters away from the stage and/or additionally, backdrops with mirrors and tables and stools next to the stage.

The stage surface :

Ballet floor or parquet floor – can be agreed upon.

The scene or the podium located above the level of the floor – minimum area: 6 x 4 meters, recommended area: 10 x 8 meters.


Sound designer.

Lighting designer, 2x spotlight operators.

Stage manager.

Wardrobe mistress, make-up artist, the curtain.

Sound system:

Sound system adapted to the size of the audience and the stage, wireless microphone, CD-Audio music or a computer. Lexicon PCM-91 effect, compression.

Stage monitors at the sides of the stage.


  1. The stage depends from the size of the room / plein air and the show. Equipment / support frames adapted to the size of the stage.
  2. 2x mobile stage barrels at the back of the stage or 2x steel lines hung at the back, as wide as the stage at the height of: 5m


Beverages: coffee, tea, water, etc.

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