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The Nutcracker – Review

Review of “The Nutcracker” Ballet Show

”The Nutcracker” ballet is a real classic, and the show produced by Ballet for Children is a proof that it can be given a form which is both interesting and agreeable for everyone!

Peter Tchaikovsky’s music used in the show is as beautiful as always, and the stage design and props help the audience feel the magical Christmas spirit. From the very beginning, very adequate costumes catch the attention of the audience. I think that the costumes of Christmas sweets, of the Nutcracker and the mice with red eyes are the best. The choreography is particularly interesting thanks to elements of different dance styles, not only ballet.

The show also contains many humoristic elements, starting from the words of Drosselmayer, the wizard, and his attempts to perform magic tricks with the help of the audience, through dance elements, to the costumes. Even though I am not one of the youngest spectators, I have to admit it is simply impossible not to laugh while watching the show, regardless of one’s age.

The only weak point of the show is the fact that it is maybe too short, but we have to bear in mind that the attention span of the youngest members of the audience is much sorter that the one of adults. I strongly recommend it to everyone, to adults and to children. It is an universal show!

© Ola

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