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The Nutcracker Ballet Show – Reviews

”The Nutcracker” Show (a ballet for children review translated from Polish)

Ballet for Children’s ”The Nutcracker” show is a shortened version of the classical ballet by Peter Tchaikovsky with the same name – it lasts about an hour. It is performed on the big stage of the Palladium Theater with the decorations and choreography typical for a classical ballet show. The exception: music is played from loudspeakers. The libretto modified to suit the needs of children is in line with the Christmas spirit. The younger audience is introduced into the fairy tale world by a Wizard. The dancers are children, young students of a ballet school (mostly girls), and adult dancers. For a grown-up viewer, it is amazing to be able to compare the uncertain steps of serious, nervous girls of only a couple of years of age with the laid-back grace of the ballerinas next to whom probably everyone feels as clumsy as an elephant. And as for the children?…

As for the children, everything happens for them in a real and a strong way and is remembered for a long time. They sit with their eyes fixed on the stage, where, at an arm’s length, there are characters known from fairy tales that have been read and seen. Sometimes I cannot stop myself from shouting out spontaneously – “I get instantly hungry!” when I see the cookie characters and the ecstatic colors. After the show, the children get on the stage and try to dance themselves, they collect the snowflakes; a meeting with the fairy tale characters is also organized off the stage.

Reportedly, the choreographer of the show, when she was a little girl, decided to become a dancer after having watched a ballet show on TV. Us adults, we can tell reality from fiction. The children perceive the world in a different way, and the fairy tale world of ballet is particularly fascinating for them.

after all, ballet is magic (in the positive meaning of the word ;-) )

© ovana

Nutcracker ballet review

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