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Scheherazade Ballet Show – Reviews

“Scheherazade” Ballet for Children Review (translation from Polish)

Source: Zbigniew Kowalewski

At the Ateneum theater (Teatr Ateneum), the young audience had the opportunity to meet their favorite characters from fairy tales and fables which had been written down in a large book. The book belonged to a princess, beautiful as well as wise. “Scheherazade”– the name also represents the title of a collection of fairy tales narrated by the princess herself, who tells stories from different parts of the world. It is no wonder that on a June evening, the Ateneum theater stage was full of fairy tale characters, the ones from fables as well as the ones remembered by children from films such as “The Pirates of the Caribbean”, (…) the fun and the amusement were amazing.

Scheherazade reigned on the stage with the large book with fairy tales which, in a short time, went missing because of Ali Baba and the forty thieves. The book got shamelessly stolen! In this manner, the young audience was introduced to a convention of a theater festivity in which a classic fairy tale becomes an excuse for great theater fun including music, dance and singing.

The Ateneum theater was attended by entire families accompanying little children, but teenagers appeared at the theater as well. The age span of the audience was therefore big, but who doesn’t like fairy tales and fables? The Children’s Day is not the only occasion to present such impressive shows as “Scheherazade”. This major costume show became a wonderful excuse to introduce young persons to the mysterious atmosphere of theater and to bring them closer to its magic. It is not excluded that among the audience were future directors and actors who will be applauded by their peers. In this original manner, the Ateneum theater takes care of its future audience and new personnel. Nowadays, it is necessary to foresee in advance, to plan and to maintain the intergenerational bond between all the participants of cultural life. This bond ties people strongly to one another, more than any other discipline, as it is based on emotions, traditions and enormous heritage of knowledge. We acquire it while listening to our grandma or our aged grandfather reading fables by the fireplace. We strengthen it later while reading books and seeing stage adaptations of literary works.

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