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We offer jobs for dancers and choreographers in the scope of the “Bosky Teatr” Dance Theater group.

Requirement: dancers learning how to dance or persons who have already completed their dance training, starting from the age of 2.
Gender: girls and boys.
Auditions and castings take place in Warsaw, 3a/25 Ludna Street, tel: +48 22 864 78 50, or during rehearsals of the Bosky Teatr (Bosky Theater).

Audition dates to be agreed individually. Please send us a CV or, if need be, call us or use the contact form and provide all the relevant information:
contact form

Jobs for dancers and choreographers
We are asking choreographers to contact us directly.

Our shows:
“Little Joys” (Małe Szczęścia)
“al Tango SHOW!”
“Swan Lake”
“The Nutcracker”
“Snow White and N Dwarfs”
“The Snow Queen”
“Peer Gynt”

And others…

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