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Information for the Ballet for Children Show Organizers.

 Information for Show Organizers

  • We kindly ask you to get acquainted with the technical rider of the shows, click here: technical rider.
  • We provide promotional material, posters, leaflets and other material on demand, ready for print with a place for a date, hour, corporate identifiers of the sponsors, etc.
    Our shows:
    “Little Joys” (Małe Szczęścia)
    “Swan Lake”
    “The Nutcracker”
    “Snow White and N Dwarfs”
    “The Snow Queen”
    “Peer Gynt”
    al Tango SHOW!
    And others…

    We invite you to order our live shows. The theatrical performances we create are simply unforgettable. We are a travelling theater and we give shows both in Poland and abroad.

    Information for Show Organizers 2

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