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The Ballet Group, the Dancers and the Actors

The dancers:

The Artists Performing in the Ballet For Children Ballet Shows, the Theater of Dance in Motion (Teatr Tańca w Ruchu):

JOANNA LICHOROWICZ – choreographer, director, dancer

Joanna Lichorowicz started her adventure with dance at the age of 6 at the Ballet Studio of the Krakow Opera (Studio Baletowe przy Operze Krakowskiej). She continued her education at “L’art de la Danse” Krakow Dance Academy and at the same time she was a member of a school ballet group. Following successful auditions, Lichorowicz was admitted to the Laban School in London and to Rotterdamse Dansacademie – Codarts in Rotterdam. In the Netherlands, she started a four-year long education rich in cooperation with many trainers and choreographers from around the world. In 2008, she obtained a diploma documenting her higher education in the area of dance. Then, for two seasons, she was working at the Baltic State Opera (Państwowa Opera Bałtycka) as a soloist of the Baltic Dance Theater. Nowadays, the artist conducts dance workshops and creates choreography for projects organized by Bosky Teatr.

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