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Scheherazade Ballet Show

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Description of the ‘Princess Scheherazade and the Pirates’ dance show.

One day, Princess Scheherazade opens the gates of her fairytale palace, where among the most valuable treasures she keeps a book entitled ‘The Stories from the Thousand and One Nights’, and discovers that the book is missing.

In despair, she starts to look for the book. She sets out on a journey full of dance in the company of pirates, Sindbad the Sailor, the Paradise Bird, the Persian Cat and the audience.

Who will she meet on the way? What adventures await her ? Will she manager to find the missing treasure?

After the show, the members of the audience will be able to meet the artists, look at the costumes, the ballet shoes and the pointe shoes from close up. They will also have the possibility to discover the secrets of the art of dance.


balet Szeherezada

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