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The Nutcracker

The upcoming dates of the Nutcracker ballet show, click here.

The Nutcracker ballet is one of the most famous classical ballets, it is danced to music written by Peter Tchaikovsky. It is a show that returns to stages every year in December/January.

Buy tickets: click here.

The Nutcracker ballet show description:

I am a wizard, my name is Drosselmayer. I unveil the secrets of fairy tales and Christmas presents. Santa Clauses magically conjure up presents and I … I bring the presents to life … and not only…they even dance!!!

The most famous winter show known all around the world both by children and adults. A ballet show with elements of magic and interaction with the audience. In the show, we will see a dance group and solo dancers in a ballet repertoire enriched with dance techniques such as: modern dance and artistic gymnastics performed by young artists.

We can admire the famous Dance of the Snowflakes with the participation of professional dancers and children from a dance school, Battle of the Mouse King with elements of acrobatics, and get a taste of the magic. The whole experience is completed by colorful costumes and the moving timeless music of Peter Tchaikovsky.

After the show: a meeting and a photo session with the artists. Duration: 1 hour + 15 minutes (meeting with the artists)
The upcoming dates of the Nutcracker ballet show, click here.

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