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Ballet for Children – The Meaning of the Word ‘Ballet’

Different meanings of the word ballet with explanations and examples.

The meaning of the word ballet

The word ballet has a number of different meanings linked to each other:

  • a type of a theater show in which the main means of expression is dance performed to music by dancers in accordance to a choreography, with decorations visible in the background;
  • a ballet group (examples: the group of dancers of the Theater of Dance in Motion, of Ballet for Children, or of the ballet of the Grand Theater (Teatr Wielki) in Warsaw, at present the Polish National Ballet);
  • a musical piece written especially for a ballet show;
  • the whole of the ballet art of a given time or a given country (examples: the romantic ballet, the Polish ballet).


Originally, the word ballet comes from Greek, from “βαλλίζω” (ballizo),which was borrowed into Latin as ballo, ballare, which then appeared in Italian as balletto. From Latin, the word came into the French language as ballet, which was then borrowed into English in the seventeenth century.

source: Wikipedia

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