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The Cinderella Ballet

Choreography and direction – Anna Wujkowska

Cinderella ballet

The upcoming dates of the Cinderella ballet show, click here

The Cinderella ballet fairy tale with music written by Sergei S. Prokofiev. The show is addressed mainly at the youngest audience, it is a theater event for the whole family. It charms adults and children and moves them to tears.

The fairy tale about Cinderella is read from the Great Book by a fairy dancer who takes the audience on a journey to the world of theater and dance.

…in a faraway land …
…a long, long time ago, in a kingdom …
…the sisters of Cinderella were running to get to a ball, they were breathing hard, their hair was a mess and they had holes in their shoes …

The feelings and experiences of the characters are expressed by the language of movement and dance, which can express even the deepest human emotions. The show is complemented by beautiful neo-baroque costumes.

After the show, a meeting with the dancers is organized, during which it is possible for everyone to ask them questions and get information, take a look at the costumes, the ballet shoes and the pointe shoes and to take a photo together.

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